Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Man's Green house Project!

Paul wanted to start a new greenhouse, in place of the old polytunnel. Once we had taken the tunnel down and relocated it temporarily, he started stripping back the terrace wall. Noticing ALOT of large rocks, it soon became apparent that the whole terrace had fallen down. So the first job would be to get the wall back up.

After several weeks of spending his evenings and Sundays building it back up single-handedly, we now have a beautiful wall for the new greenhouse to sit against. It also includes a little store room with a curved brick ceiling.

So we have the wall- next stage is the metal frame, and then a newly designed kitchen garden! (watch this space!)

Outside stuff!

Lots been going on outside- we have started building a log shed. It's a nice place to sit and drink a small glass of vinho porto after a hard days logging :-)

The space underneath the house has been filled in with an amazing granite stone wall (thanks to our favorite stone man Miguel and his assistant). It took four weeks in total and we are so happy with the finished result!

The Weasel

So next job is painting the outside.

2014/15 Catch up- progress at Velagota

Apologies for the lack of posts- somehow or other I seem to have forgotten about our blog! Our friends on facebook can see the progress we have made here, but the blog is also a great diary for us to look back on- so i definately must try harder (yeh yeh i said that last time ;-) ).
anyway- here is a bit of a catch up!

 The kitchen has progressed- with a new bar made from a beautiful plank of chestnut. We always seem to congregate around the area- so having a sitting (& sipping) spot to keep an eye on the chef- works really well for us!

 We also - BIG NEWS!! have a WAIT FOR IT!!!!!! Ceiling!

 This is our favorite to be at the end of the day-  cooking a bit, pouring a glass of wine, putting the music on and taking in the view

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guest accomodation Video

We've had another wonderful houseful of guests over here for Rick's 50'th birthday and Ishbel's moving here! (congratulations you two!)
We've had a brilliant few days- and while things are quiet (and to delay the housework!) I thought I'd do a quick video of how we are getting on here.
Please excuse the wobbles and quality (and the fact i didn't straighten the quilts properly- you didnt notice? oh you will now ;-)  - as you can tell I'm certainly no camera-woman! but this will give our friends another small update of life at Velagota  :-)

Guest Side Outside area

So- we finally were at a stage when we need to tackle the 'other side of the house'. 
Guests arriving means we needed to open up the area outside the guest suite- take out some pine trees, build up the retaining wall and level the ground. Plus we needed to create an access into the guest suite, without having to traipse through the main house


Tree felling

Filling and Levelling


'after '

After- A fab (and shady) area to sit now

with a glass of wine of course...
 So we still have to landscape this area - and we have some great ideas, but that will have to wait for now

Early Summer Garden

April, May and June have just been wonderful here- it's been a pleasure to be outside in the evenings pottering in the garden. We've planted a new orchard and got the vegie garden going again.

The only place to be in the evening, when its hot

The New Orchard- apples, pears, plums, nectarines, cherries and peach

A good year for plums!

Veg garden

Rosa 'The Generous Gardener'

A bit of Pik-a-Nik'ing Booboo

Occasionally people ask us if there's anything we miss from the UK- Paul's reply  (apart from proper beer obvs) would be Crumpets and Scotch Eggs!
So we tried to make them- OK so the first attempt at Scotch Picnic Eggs were a bit rustic but they tasted delicious!

 and Pauls crumpets were pretty darn good too!